Dust Containment RefinishingDust Containment Refinishing

One of the most important things to consider when getting your hardwood floors sanded or refinished is the skill and ability of the individual actually performing the work.  The finished result of your floor is entirely dependent on their abilities and the quality of the machinery they are using.  In fact, due to the time and commitment involved in the sanding process it is fast becoming a lost art.  At Champion Hardwoods, LLC we are confident in our sand and finish floors because of the extensive hands-on training we have received from some of the best “old-school” craftsman in the business.  Also, every one of our jobs is directly owner supervised by Steven Kontak.  In fact, all of the actual sanding is performed by Steven, thus ensuring outstanding quality with every job.  We also invest heavily in our machinery, making sure to have the best quality including pieces made by small custom equipment manufacturers.   In addition to this we are diligent in taking the time to ensure the equipment is always operating at peak performance.

At Champion Hardwoods, LLC we are proud to use top of the line dust containment systems.  Our dust containment system effectively eliminates 90% of the dust created by the sanding process; thus helping to maintain a healthier, cleaner home.

We offer custom staining and white washing.  Whether the color you choose is a standard color from a stain chart or a custom blend to suit your décor we are equipped to handle your request.

There are many finish options on the market, each with their pros and cons.   At Champion Hardwoods, LLC we lean toward the more environmentally friendly options.  With all of the technological advances environmentally friendly no longer means sacrificing quality and durability.  Our most popular option is the BonaKemi Environmental Choice Finish System.  This system meets or exceeds all state and federal clean air quality standards, and is the only one of its kind to be Greenguard ( I think this its trademarked too and need the little circled R)-certified for indoor air quality. This means that the finish won’t pollute the air with harmful levels of dangerous chemicals and particulates. The BonaKemi finish is rated for residential and commercial applications, is extremely durable, and stands up to high-traffic areas better than any finish we have experienced.