Why Choose a Wood Floor?

Ease of Maintenance

Today’s wood floors require little more than regular vacuuming and/or sweeping with an occasional cleaning using a hardwood floor cleaning product.  We recommend using the Bona Kemi line of cleaning products.

Environmentally Friendly

Wood flooring is both renewable and recyclable.  Many old barns, warehouses, ships and other wood structures are being milled and reused as wood flooring.  In addition all trees harvested in North America are governed by both the United States Government and Canadian Government.  In fact, according to the US Department of Agricultural Forest Services the “Average annual net growth for hardwoods is greater than the average annual removals.”  In addition, exotic species are governed by the Lacey Act, which ensures responsible harvesting.

Health Benefits

Hardwood floors do not hold onto contaminants and allergens.  Many doctors recommend hardwood floors to their patients that have allergies or respiratory problems such as asthma.  Hardwood floors have much lower chemical emissions than any other flooring.  Accidents by either children or pets can be easily cleaned up without using the harsh chemicals needed to get smells and stains out of carpets.


There are literally hundreds of wood species to choose from, and within each species there are grades to choose which will affect the amount of knots, color and grain variation.  There are many product options now available in the hardwood flooring market, ranging from prefinish to engineered to solid to even custom milled wide width, long length wood flooring.  You can also customize you floor with staining, dying, inlays and patterns.  All of this allows you to add your personal touch to your home creating a one of a kind look representative of your personality and design.


Wood floors are often referred to as the 100 year floor.  This is because with the proper care wood floors will easily last the life of your home.  With the advancements made in finishes hardwood floors easily live up to the lifestyles of today’s busy families.  While many families with carpeting have to replace their carpets every 5 to 10 years, those with wood flooring rarely have to do anything but a little routine maintenance.   This longevity is both easy on the environment and the pocket book!

Added Value

Hardwood floors add value to your home.  Hardwood flooring is one of the most sought after floor coverings in the real estate market.